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Ambition67 Keyboard DIY Kit (B Stock)

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1. 65% keyboard Kit with arrow-key blocker
2. Dimensions: 328 x 119 x 22 mm
3. Gasket tab styled mounting
4. Estimated 5° typing angle
5. Currently comes in Glossy White/Clear/Clear Frosted. Base layer will be Clear.
6. Supports standard 6.25u layout. Supports split backspace layout. Does not support 7u layout.
7. USB port is on the left

Kit's contents
1. 7 piece acrylic kit (including 3x acrylic feet)
2. 4 x 65mm and 12 x 55mm machine-cut 2mm thick poron gasket strips
3. 4 x M3x16 and 9 x M3x20 Screws
4. POM plate (black) included
5. South Facing soldered PCB, VIA compatible with underglow RGB. Supports screw-in stabilizers, does not support plate mount stabilizers

Kit comes unassembled. Build guide here: https://bit.ly/3qb4cAS

Note**: Remaining stocks are B stocks. All A stocks have already been sold, B stocks are being cleared with a price reduction of $30.