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[Group Buy] EVO70 R2 - Small Hardware Bag

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Extra miscellaneous hardware components used to complete assembly of EVO70 R2. Includes screws, standoffs, rubber feet, bumpon feet, double-back foam tape, and hex keys (allen wrenches). Photo shows examples of these parts; the hardware bag will include a full set of hardware needed for assembly of both high profile and low profile kits. This includes foam tape needed to raise the height of the display to convert between low profile and high profile switch plates.

Note that the EVO70 R2 kit ships with all the hardware needed for the kit ordered; this item is completely optional and is not required to assemble your EVO70 R2.

It is recommended to purchase this item if you plan to convert between high and low profile kits, or if small parts are easily/often lost.

If you already have an existing EVO70 order and would like to add this to your order, please contact us at support@landingpad.shop with your request. Standalone orders for this component will not be entertained.

This is offered as part of the EVO70 R2 Group Buy with planned delivery in Q3 2023. Cancelations will be charged a 4% fee due to nonrefundable Shopify and Paypal fees.