MJ87 Keyboard DIY Kit

TKL Hotswap RGB, Bluetooth

If you would like a full build contact us for a commission!

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Affordable 87 key keyboard kit (Tenkeyless Layout) with Kailh hot-swap sockets and Bluetooth, great for an entry-level build on a budget.

✨ Kit features
- Comes in White/Black ABS Casing
- Aluminium Plate
- North facing Per-Key RGB
- Hotswap
- Bluetooth 5.0
- Everglide Panda Stabilizers


- Keycap Puller
- Switch Puller
- USB Cable

Stabilizer Tuning is recommended to prevent rattle and increase smoothness.

- Lubing with Krytox205g2 on housing
- Lubing Permatex Dielectric Grease on wires
- Balanced wires to ensure that there will be no rattle.

Does not come with Switches and Keycaps. 

Switches Collection

You will need 87 switches for this keyboard, you can check out our switches separately. Switches may affect RGB lighting. If you plan to utilize the RGB lighting that comes with the keyboard, we recommend getting Gateron SMD switches (Brown/Yellow) as the switches are RGB Compatible and allow RGB to shine through.

North facing Per-Key RGB

Customizable animation(7 preset patterns), speed and colour.

FN Key combinations  Function
FN + F1 Media
FN + F2 Voice--
FN + F3 Voice++
FN + F4 Mute
FN + F5 Play Stop
FN + F6 Play Prev
FN + F7 Play/pause
FN + F8 Play Next
FN + F9 Email
FN + F10 Web home
FN + F11 Calculator
FN + F12 Search
FN + Space Change RGB Colour
FN + INSERT RGB Animation Pattern (3 unique Patterns)
FN + DELETE RGB Animation Pattern (3 unique Patterns)
FN + HOME RGB Animation Pattern (3 unique Patterns)
FN + END RGB Animation Pattern (3 unique Patterns)
FN + PGUP RGB Animation Pattern (3 unique Patterns)
FN + PGDN RGB Animation Pattern (3 unique Patterns)
FN + UP Increase RGB Brightness
FN + DOWN Decrease RGB Brightness
FN + LEFT RGB Animation Direction ( to the left)
FN + RIGHT RGB Animation Direction ( to the right)
FN + - RGB Animation Speed (Decrease)
FN + =+ RGB Animation Speed (Increase)
FN + R Alternate Between Wired and Bluetooth Mode
FN + Q Change to Bluetooth Device 1
FN + W Change to Bluetooth Device 2
FN + E Change to Bluetooth Device 3

Note: To connect keyboard to device, simply turn the keyboard on, hold either FN + Q/W/E for 3 seconds (This activates keyboard's bluetooth sharing). Search for the keyboard on your device(name should be  XJ-87 Keyboard-1 / XJ-87 Keyboard-2 / XJ-87 Keyboard-3) and select the keyboard once found.


ANSI layout and only supports 6.25u spacebar.