Tofu65 Keyboard DIY Kit

65% | Aluminium | QMK/VIA Compatible

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A high quality 65% key keyboard kit by KBDFans. We have chosen the polycarbonate plate as we believe it provides the best typing feel. Additionally, it comes upgraded with Durock v2 stabilisers over the stock stabilisers. It comes with a soldered PCB, however, we can add on Mill-max hot-swap sockets, to hot-swap switches.

Mill-max socket model: 0305-Silver
We use Mill-max sockets instead of getting a circuit board that has in-built hotswap sockets as Mill-max sockets have higher longevity as compared to Kailh hotswap sockets when constantly inserting and removing switches from the keyboard.

✨ Kit features
- Comes in Aluminium Black, Burgundy Red and Acrylic
- Bottom brass weight
- Polycarbonate Plate

- KBD67 rev2 PCB (Mill-max hot-swap version available)

- RGB underglow
- QMK/VIA compatibility


- USB A-C Cable