Ambition67 Updates 04/08/2021

Hi Everyone, on behalf of the LandingPad Team, thank you so much for participating in our Ambition67 group buy! Ambition parts and components have been ordered and arriving at our office as scheduled. We will be consolidating orders and sending out quotes for those that intended to get their kits fully assembled! There are a few pointers that I would like to bring up:
  1. PCB: We have purchased two types of PCBs (JKDK 65% PCB and KBDFANS 65% PCB). Both have the exact same functionalities and are of the exact same size. Only difference between both are the colors( JKDK PCB being white and KBDFANS being black)
  2. Fulfillment duration for people that purchased soldered kits will be as per listed in the GB, before the end of August. As for millmax hotswap kit orders, currently there is a shortage of millmax sockets, but they are scheduled to arrive around the 28th of August. Around half of the amount of millmax hotswap pcbs will be completed on time, and ready to be fulfilled by the end of August, while the other half of the PCBs will be ready by the end of the first/second week of September. As this is a group buy, please expect there to be a small delay! We will try our hardest to fulfill all orders by the stipulated time
  3. We will be releasing a user manual on how to build the Ambition67, as well as a few more sound tests with different switches! Do bear with us if we are a little late on this one heheh. 4. Extras will be available after the group buy has officially ended, we plan to make it an instock item, however the price of the kits will definitely be more expensive than what we have in the group buy.
As of 04/08/2021:
- Shipping date: late August (for soldered kits & half of the HS kits, other half of HS kits will take another 1-2 weeks)
- Acrylic stacks: being shipped over from suppliers
- POM plate: plates arrived, awaiting extra plates(does not affect fulfillment duration)
- PCB: Half of the PCBs arrived, the other half is still on the way from supplier
- Gaskets: in production
- Screws: arrived, packing screws has begun.
- Packaging: Arrived and waiting for further news before commencing assembly.

Typing test video is available here too! You can take a look at the other builds on the channel too:
We will be releasing our updates on the website to keep all relevant news on the same platform! Once again, thank you for supporting us and stay safe :)

Ruire, LandingPad Team