About us

Our start

We started as a group of friends who were interested in custom keyboard in 2021. After building multiple custom keyboards for friends and friends of friends, we decided to launch a bespoke mechanical keyboard building service for the masses.

We hope to serve as a "landing pad", a safe and new space for people to get into custom keyboards, and join the great community surrounding it.

Why Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Many of us spend hours a day on the computer, for work, school or online hobbies. Invest in a quality product that is functional yet elegant and start having a great typing experience everyday.

Consult us to turn your vision into reality, we will guide you along the way till you receive the final custom keyboard in the flesh.

Why Us

We aim to bring trust and some form of organization over inexperienced or inconsistent builders on other platforms. After building hundreds of keyboards (over 900 as of September 2022), we are more experienced over many hobbyist builders. We hope to be here for the long run, so we will always be around if you need help in the future.