Ambition67 Updates 2 14/08/2021

As of 14/08/2021:

- Shipping date: late August - Early/Mid September
- POM plate: all plates arrived and have been sorted.
- PCB: All PCBs arrived and 90% of the PCBs has been inspected. So far, we have completed around 1/4 of the hotswap PCBs, awaiting for our sockets to arrive in about a week's time before continuing hotswapping remaining PCBs, estimated completion time to be approximately end August at current pace.
- Gaskets: manufacturing complete, awaiting arrival in approximately 4-5 days time.
- Screws: packed and ready to ship
- Packaging: Arrived and waiting for further news before commencing assembly.
- Acrylic stacks: being shipped over from suppliers Manufacturer has informed that they are only done with 40% of the acrylic stacks, and even those that have been completed have not been polished. We have requested for them to ship over the current completed acrylic stacks once they have been polished. This will set us back around 2 weeks, as we also have to wait for the acrylic stacks to be shipped over.

Conclusion: We are quite disappointed that the manufacturer did not send out the acrylic stacks on the agreed time, which was meant to be 4-5 days ago. This will definitely set us back, as we require time to sort the acrylic stack, perform QC and packing.

Other than that, all of the other components have either arrived/are arriving ahead of schedule and we are sorting them as we speak, which is easier for us to deal with the acrylic stacks once they've reached.

We have many customers enquiring about adding on stabilizers into their Ambition build. As a result, we will be adding in stabilizers into our store! Namely Everglide V2 stabilizers and C3 v3 Stabilizers. More information will be provided in coming days on our instagram page @landingpadsg !