Ambition67 Updates 3 26/08/2021

As of 24/08/2021:

- Shipping date: Early/Mid September
- POM plate: all plates arrived and have been sorted.
- PCB: All PCBs arrived and inspected. Completed 1/2 of the hotswap PCBs, estimated completion time to be approximately end August at current pace.
- Gaskets: arrived and sorted
- Screws: packed and ready to ship
- Packaging: Arrived and waiting for further news before commencing assembly.
- Acrylic stacks: Acrylic stacks are fully cut and polished, currently being packed and sent over to us. Hopefully we will be getting them before mid september, really sorry for the unexpected delay! Looks like we might not be getting them before August as expected.
The bottom case at the back
Acrylic stacks as shown here