Ambition67 Updates 5 18/9/21

As of 18/9/21

 Plates: all plates arrived and have been sorted.
- PCB: All PCBs arrived and inspected, hotswap PCBs have been completed and ready to be packed
- Screws: packed and ready to ship
- Packaging: Arrived and waiting for further news before commencing assembly.
- Acrylic stacks: Shipping over from supplier. (No change from Update 4)
This is just an update to still let you guys know that we're still alive. We would also like to announce that we have rented an office! We will release more details when we have fully settled in :)
Also, Durockv2 stabilizers for the Ambition67 has been listed on our product page, do check them out if you need some!
Equalz C3v3 Stabilizers are also in-stock as an alternative to the Durockv2s, with multiple colors available.
Everglide panda stabilizers are also available for keyboards that support plate-mount stabilizers. We highly recommend getting these if you have a stock mechanical keyboard!