Keyboard Modifications

Vital for improving the feel and acoustics of your mechanical keyboard, we take pride in performing keyboard modifications and tuning to the highest quality.

These are the keyboard modifications that we offer:

1. Stabilizer tuning and lubing
2. Switch lubing
3. Switch Filming
4. PE Foam and Tape Mod
5. Polyfill

Stabilizer Tuning

Stabilizers are an integral component to a mechanical keyboard. Its function is to balance keycaps on switches that are 2 units and above ( 1 unit = keys such as "q"). Usually used on keys such as "Backspace", "Enter", "Left Shift", "Right Shift", "Spacebar".

Stock stabilizers from off the shelf /prebuilt keyboards tend to create rattle sounds, which are loud, shrill and unpleasant to the ears.

At LandingPad, we pride ourselves in our stabilizer tuning ability, ensuring that every stabilizer wire is perfectly straight through our tested and proven wire balancing techniques and as well as lubing our stabilizer housings using lubricants to ensure little to no direct “plastic-on-plastic” housing contacts.

Switch Lubing

Switch Lubing makes our switches smoother to the press and sound deeper or more muted depending on the particular switch. It is the most common method to improve how your keyboard sounds. We disassemble the switches, split them into components and lube them by hand, ensuring that all switches feel and sound consistent. (Stem legs are not lubed on tactile switches so that they don’t lose tactility)

Lubricants that we offer: Krytox205g0, Tribosys 3203 for switch housings and stems, GPL105 for springs.

Lubricants can last really long, up to 4-5 years a time. So they are a once and done thing!

Switch Filming

Switch filming usually comes in hand with switch lubing. A thin piece of plastic film is placed inbetween the switch top and bottom housings to tighten the switch housings, creating a more consistent feel and sound when you press on every different angle of the switch. It is only required for switches that have loose switch housings, switches from brands such as AKKO and KTT do not require them as their housings are tight enough.

PE Foam

A thin piece of foam placed inbetween the switches and circuit board, PE foam improves the sound of high pitch switches on keyboards by reducing the higher pitch frequencies, removing the shrill sounds and making the sound “cleaner” and even more pleasant. This is a modification that highly compliments Tape mod, definitely a dynamic duo of keyboard modifications.


Masking tape is placed on the underside of the keyboard’s circuit board to improve the acoustics of the keyboard. The masking tape absorbs the mid to high frequencies of the keyboard, creating a “poppy” sound profile. Generally 2 layers of tape is effective enough


A polyester fiber material that also partly acts as a dampening material, Polyfill is great for filling up keyboards of different shapes and sizes. It fills up keyboards with large gaps between the circuit board and the bottom casing, mitigating hollowness and resonance. Highly recommended modification alongside the rest, as beginner keyboards tend to have larger gaps between the circuit board and bottom case.